Thursday, January 13, 2011

Songs From The Past (Part Three)

Time for another installment of Songs From the Past. One of the songs I will be digging up is from way back. It is one of the first songs I wrote, and was actually recorded in a studio (basement studio, but still a studio) a year or so later. I hope you enjoy this installment of Songs From the Past.

The Day

I wrote The Day back in 1993, and it was one of those songs that do not come from personal experience. Let's face it, in 1993 I was 15 years old and very limited on experiences with the ladies. And by that I mean, I had basically no experience. As I sit here now, I can't even remember the basis for this song, or why I even wrote it. It's a sad story of a guy whose girl left him and he is having a hard time coping with it. How I was able to put down these feelings having not experienced them I don't know, but the song turned out to be the gem of my early writings.

About a year or so after writing the song, my cousin and I went over to a neighbor of his house to record the song in his basement studio. Jimmy set up his drums in a room adjacent to the room I would record guitars, bass and vocals in and we laid down the basic tracks to the song. It was a truly amazing experience recording my music in a studio, and one that I would only ever have one more time in my life. The one thing I remember clearly is the coda of the song. I couldn't hit the key I normally used to sing the final "who oh, who now" part so we had to layer a low key and high key together to make it sound decent. Overall, aside from the obvious key change issue between the verse/chorus and the bridge (It just doesn't go together well) the song turned out great and I am still proud of that recording to this day. I hope you enjoy the lyrics for The Day.

Listen to The Day

Your Life In Mine

I wrote Your Life In Mine after breaking up with what was my first high school girlfriend. We only dated for about two or three months total, and by date I mean hung out and watched movies. She was my first real kiss too, and shortly after that the relationship ended. This is a song I wrote shortly after that, and while the song isn't directly about that relationship it does show the mood I was in at the time. Your Life In Mine

Part Four will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy this short series of blogs.

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