Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Songs From The Past (Part Two)

It's now 2011 and that means it is time to dig up some more music from the past. Seems like an odd thing to say, but I have to admit that I enjoyed digging through these old lyric sheets and sharing them. Here are two more songs from my music vault that I hope you will enjoy.


Sometimes amazing things happen when you sit down with someone, guitar in hand, mic turned on, and nothing but a few notes in the air. That is what sets the stage for this next song.

It was a cold January day as James Smola and I sat up in my bedroom fiddling around with a bass, a guitar and a microphone. The handy two track reel to reel recorder lay next to us on the floor ready to record anything inspirational, or not so inspirational. With the tape rolling, as it almost always was when we got together, I picked up the bass and began fiddling with a basic riff. James turned up his guitar and started playing along. For some reason I just started throwing out lyrics as we jammed. Nothing was premeditated, nothing was written down. It was all made up on the spot and captured on the reel to reel as we went. This continued on for about eight minutes before we were interrupted by my mom trying to get our attention from downstairs.

After answering her question, James and I rewound the tape and listened back to the "masterpiece" we had just recorded. Turns out that we actually liked what we heard. I quickly picked up a pen and paper and transcribed what I sang so that we could see what we had. After reading through the lyric sheet a couple of times, it was deemed that somehow the song actually made sense. With a minor change to the final "verse", James and I put the reel to reel on again and recorded the song in full with minor changes to the music we had put down just minutes before. That is pretty much it. Divide is the name we gave the song and it was the last time we played it together. Fortunately for all of you, I kept the lyrics in a binder and the song on cassette tape. For now, here are the lyrics for Divide.

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday is a song I wrote about a girl I had a crush on at the time. She was younger than I was, but everybody knew who she was. I guess you could call her one of the popular girls that every guy seemed to have a crush on. By the time I first met her on the school bus, I knew who she was and that is about it. She was going to a friends house on our bus and the instant she said hello to me I was smitten. Nothing much came of it at the time because I was in the not-so-popular group of kids, so I didn't really bother to make an effort. Later I would get to know her through the high school hockey games she was cheerleader for with some of my friends. And then one day we actually started to hang out together. I went to her place after school one day and watched the Lion King with her and her mother. Slowly the crush was growing, but little did I know that another friend of mine was having the same feelings I was. I was very shy back in high school, and it stopped me from making any kind of move numerous times in those days. After hanging out for a couple of weeks I was done convincing myself to take a chance and ask this girl out, but I was too late. The other friend had beat me to the punch and that was the end of my chances. I went home after finding this out and wrote this song. I never played it for anyone but myself. I based the chords off the classic G-Cadd9-D chord progression that Bret Michaels of Poison makes so many songs out of, and sat down and wrote these lyrics. So here are the lyrics to the song Maybe Someday.

Part Three will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy this short series of blogs.

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